Monday, 4 December 2017

END OF TERM AT the yard:ARTspace

It's getting all festive in my world!! This is the time of year when my mind turns to Christmas cards. 
I have decided to try a new material this year. Why make life easy eh?
Now I know it's madness to make a collagraph Christmas card, the inking is far too time consuming. So this year I have made a collagraph robin as the basis of a stamp.
Using Magic Stamps from Handprinted UK. Iron the surface of the blue block, protected with baking parchment, then
press onto you chosen texture. In this case my collagraph robin.
Ta dah! Inked with a roller, or an ink pad! So that's my card sorted.
As part of my busy Christmassy weekend I held the last class of 2017, fueled by festive treats.
Viscosity mono printing is always exciting as everyone
makes lots of colourful , layered work.
Could I get anymore rollers on the go?
The results are spectacularly colourful, 
All these prints are made with one pass through the press,
and excellent printing use of wall paper.
Then the over printing starts,
adding rich colour to pale ghost prints,
extra texture and above all
silver ink.

It has been another exciting printmaking year at the yard:ARTspace and 2018 is looking to be equally experimental. There are just a couple of places left on the 10 week course and the weekend workshops are booking up quickly. Have a look at the website and see how the yard can develop your creativity.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Create for Christmas continued  the yard:ARTspace last Saturday 
with the wonderfully creative Hens Teeth delivering and alternative angel workshop. 
A host of heavenly bodies were created under the expert guidance of Viv. 
She filled the yard with delicious beads and fabrics together with her gorgeous work. 
Inspired by her examples we eagerly put together fabric and beads,
diamante and glitz. 
Fueled by Quality Street...other chocs are available.
We had all bought along our most treasured fabric finds.
Viv spread her magic and guided us all in our individual projects.
The lovely Di made a nativity in a day
I adore this angel.
Pam created the most exquisitely made Victorian lady. 
Christina found inspiration in a recently felled small tree and a collection of vintage fabric.
Everyone was very excited at the end of the day...many oos and aaahs
My and Emma's angels joined the heavenly throng.
We were all thrilled with the results, thank you so much Viv for a creatively stimulating day. Our Christmas trees will look amazing this year.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Its that time again, the paper decoration go up at the yard:ARTspace
and Create for Christmas begins!
This year we kicked off with stars and snowflakes using water solvable  film and free machine embroidery with the textile artist Catherine Kingzett. Gorgeous twinkle and glitter festooned the press room.
A variety of sewing machines were bought in and off everyone went.
What a day...
new skills were learnt
and new levels of dexterity were developed. 
The results
speak for themselves.
Everyone went home with new decorations and a new skill to explore.
The next Create for Christmas workshop with places available is with Viv (aka Hens Teeth) who has agreed to design a workshop especially for the yard:ARTspace.

An alternative Christmas Angel, imbued with a personality of her own... made from recycling wire, wooden peg and vintage fabrics and haberdashery. £75 to include materials. Contact me for details and booking.

Sunday, 29 October 2017


Thursday will find me and my chums Claire Baker and Caroline McCatty putting up  small but beautifully formed exhibition of our work.
A variety of articulated wooden objects 
and stitched work from Caroline,
Ceramic art from Claire
with added touches of mixed media.
Together with collagraphs,
enamel and
the odd textile from me.
And where can these delights be found, in Painswick, Gloucestershire at the ACP Gallery Painswick.Check their website for opening details.
Starting 4 November, you will have until 25 November
to purchase that unique Christmas gift or treat yourself.